Rug Cleaning in Kennington SE11

Rugs are priceless and unique parts of the home design, but when it comes to adequate cleaning they will need unique attention. Since of the many various types of materials a specified cleaning technique is needed in order to obtain the best possible effects without exposing them to risk of damage. That's why common professional preservation is the key to keeping your carpet clean and beautiful!


When You Need Rug Cleaning in Kennington SE11

A team of skilled cleaners will meet all of your requirements because our carpet treatment offers:

  • Cleaning of various types of materials
  • Delivery of our service All week
  • High quality Prochem supplements treatment

Revitalize your Persian Or Turkish rugs and enjoy their look like brand new. Book now your visit!

Expert Rug Cleaning Services

We effectively clean all types of carpets: wool, synthetic, natural fiber, blended, cotton and leather carpets. Our approaches include dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Those are highly successful techniques, which ensure complete dirt, grace and microbes removal.

Cleaning solutions

Dry cleaning

  • This cleaning technique proves to be incredibly effective and safe at the same time. Specialized equipment apply chemical solvents, that ensure excellent results and rapid drying time.
  • Suitable for: sisal and seagrass rugs, very delicate or not water resistant/shrink fabrics

Hot water extraction

  • Hot water extraction uses hot water and injects it, together with a cleaning solution into the fibers. Then, through a extensive suction it extracts dirt and grime, bacteria, the cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture.
  • Ideal for: all synthetic & wool rugs
dry cleaning and hot water extraction

Check Our Cleaning Methods:


Dry cleaning - effective technique for cleaning very gentle or not h2o resistant, carpets. Therefore powder and spray-like products are used. Dry Cleaning is used more for material refreshness.

This is how dry cleaning performs, explained step by step

  • Step 1. Special powder is dispersed in the carpets.
  • Step 2. Brush in to go through the lower coatings of the carpets.
  • Step 3. The powder chemically bonds along with the dirt in the carpets.
  • Step 4. This particular powder is then vacuumed out of the floor covering.

Steam Cleaning - no actual steam is involved in the HWE cleaning process, a part from steam that may evade incidentally from hot water. When the cleaning option comes in contact with the carpet, it is somewhere between 120-250 degrees Fahrenheit. For instance, in a modern truck-mounted carpet cleaning device, water can be warmed up to 300+ degrees (F), but immediately after passing via high pressure iron braided hose and several manifolds, the water will lose much of its heat.

Proficiency and experience

Let us speak regarding what washing services and professional expertise you will get at your home in Kennington SE11.

The squads we send you are fully ready, by using the most recent Prochem products and certification. Additional instruction is provided to everyone who needs it or is required. No matter of the services, you will receive a cautious evaluation of your household. Whenever you have any guidelines or tastes they are most welcomed!

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