Trustworthy Stain Protection and Removal Kennington

If your carpets get covered with smudges easily and quickly and you have to get them professionally cleaned more often than you thought, we have the solution for you! Our stain protection and removal Kenningtonservices guarantee your soft flooring will be better protected from future spots and you will be able to enjoy cleaner carpets for longer. The team of extensively trained and very knowledgeable carpet cleaners we'll send you have access to a range of smudge removal solutions, and know which one to use, depending on the nature of the spots.

removing the stains on the carpet

We have been delivering Kennington stain protection and removal services to homes and offices in the area for a long time. Many domestic and commercial property owners and managers have chosen us for the quality service we offer. Our amazing reputation is a proof that we are good at what we do. No need to take our word for granted, just visit our reviews page for some customer feedback. Plus the stain protection we deliver is already added to the price of the carpet clean.

Benefits of our Stain Removal

We have a team of experienced carpet cleaners Kennington, that will have stains and blemishes removed from your soft flooring. The team of cleaners we'll send you are equally experienced in performing steam, foam and dry carpet cleaning and will inspect your carpet to determine which method will deliver the best results. And for a full smudges removal, every spot and stain will be pre-treated. Our stain removal in Kennington SE11professionals use a range of detergents, depending on the nature of the spots.

  • Chewing gum remover
  • Coffee spot remover
  • Citrus gel for oily stains
  • Rust remover
  • Solvex for paints, nail polish and inks
  • Red RX for red foods and drinks
  • Stain pro for coffee, blood, wine and tougher ink

To have your carpets protected after the cleaning is done, we offer a Scotchgard treatment, that is included in the rug cleaning price and guarantees your carpets will remain stain-free for longer. You can book Kennington stain removal and carpet protection every day of the week and evenings at the same price. And to help you carpets dry promptly make sure you ask about our air movers. Your soft flooring will be cleaned and ready for use a lot quicker. Plus, when choosing us to deliver sofa and curtain washing or any other service we offer, at the same time as the carpet clean, you will enjoy further discounts.

stain removal and carpet protection

Schedule Stain Protection by Fantastic Carpet Clean Kennington

You can easily book carpet protection either by calling us or online. For immediate bookings, dial 07595 510190 now! Contact our advisers 24/7 over the phone or via our online chat support feature to get free quotes and answers to your questions. Or complete your details in our instant quote form to make bookings online.